Where to Begin

My life is feeling like a blank slate right now, rather similar to this open white expanse of a place I have to write this blog.

Two weeks ago I graduated from RIT, packed up my belongings, tucked them in corners around my parents house and then promptly left five days later. Destination? Chicago.

Not a bad view for the next ten weeks, huh?

I’m out in Chicago for the summer working as in intern at Leo Burnett. In fact, tomorrow morning is my very first day. My loving parents and sister made the 12 hour trek out from Maryland to drop me and my belongings off. We were able to head up to Sheboygan, Wisconsin first to visit my grandparents for a couple days.

This summer I’m living with my roommate, Kristin, from RIT in an apartment just north of Lincoln Park. My friend, Remy, has lived here for a year so it’s kind of nice already having two familiar faces in the city. With Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan just one block down the street, I can already tell this is going to be a great summer.

Kicked off the first night in Chicago with dinner at the Chicago Diner, a vegan restaurant north of the apartment!

Had my first city grocery store experience walking to and from the Trader Joe’s just a few blocks away. So convenient, I love it. After a walk down to the lake this afternoon, Kristin and I walked up to meet Remy at a vegan restaurant called Chicago Diner (how unique of them). Super tasty food, I would definitely go back there again. It was nice to have the 25+ minute walk as well to check out some of the neighborhoods further north of us and it gave me a chance to plan out my route to work for the morning. Hoping it works out because there was no time for a dry run! I’m already absolutely loving having walking being the main form of transportation around, I haven’t even tested out the L or a bus line yet. I might, however, take that comment back tomorrow because I just learned it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Uh oh.

I’m hoping to capture some of my adventures from the summer on here. Mostly for me and my own memories but some for you too. Things I’m doing, places I’m going, tasty things I’m eating. Expect pictures, lots of them. Some days with nothing and others filled with my trips around the city.

And we’re off!


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