Day One

It’s the end of day one and I feel like I could already write a novel.

Today was the first day of the internship at Leo Burnett which meant lots of paperwork, getting my ID badge, and listening to presentations on the company. We got a tour of the building and our tour guide (didn’t know how to walk backwards) got a wee bit sidetracked so we were over 30 minutes late for lunch (insert stomach growls here). Not getting lunch seems to be a theme of first days of internships for me. Luckily we did eventually get some tasty food! Got my computer and desk all set up along it took entirely too long to figure out what passwords went to what and the chance that I’ll remember those by tomorrow morning is rather slim as well. The afternoon was rounded out by a coffee run with Remy (LOVE having a friend in the same design group as me!) and then a brief design meeting with the rest of the Design Department.

After work Remy and I wandered over to the Apple Store for a presentation that kicked off AIGA Design Week. It was really neat because the woman giving the presentation is the head of the department at Leo Burnett that I’m working in this summer. Kristin ended up meeting us there after work and the three of us grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading west towards Wicker Park for a Design Museum opening. That ended up being rather overwhelming and crowded so we didn’t hang around for too long. There was some sweet design work by Debbie Millman and Ed Fella though.

The ride home was perhaps the most adventure packed part of the day.

Soon after settling on a bus the driver quickly pulled the bus over and fled. After a few minutes she came rushing back on followed by a Chicago Policeman who marched to the back of the bus demanded that someone stand up and open all of their belongings as well as the area around them and they ended up being escorted off the bus. (At this point we were seriously contemplating hopping off the bus and waiting for a new one.) Bus continued and about 2 stops down the driver pulled over again, walked to the back of the bus to search around and then drove on like nothing happened. Seriously weird. The trip home rest of the bus trip included being passed by a man who smelled like he had just smoked a pound of weed and two girls who shared entirely too much about their pants sizes and how much food they consumed. Followed by a 15+ block walk home because the last bus was delayed.

Quite the day.


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