Day Three

Today was a picture heavy day.

Interesting day at work today – finally going to be getting some projects! Perhaps three at once. Sat in on some more meetings. Had the “intern ice breakers” which involved acting really goofy in front of everyone. Wednesdays are also “lunch and learn” days which means they’re going to be bringing in a speaker every Wednesday for us along with lunch! Hooray for free food.

After work I decided to wander over to Millenium Park because I have been in Chicago since last Thursday and have yet to pay a visit to the bean. Turns out Wednesdays are Free Concerts in the Park all summer long (Friday nights too). I believe I brought the average age down considerable because apparently orchestras draw a crowd that is a wee bit on the older side.

On my walk from work over to Millenium Park someone was conveniently advertising Sabra Hummus out on the street and handed me two bags of pretzels and a small tub of hummus. Thanks for the snack random man! Was a perfect fit for the park and held me over for a while longer so I could wander.

This is the sweetest outdoor stage ever.

There’s the Bean! I didn’t end up going over to take my picture in it but I figure I’m going to be here for 10 weeks so I need to pace myself. That is clearly where all of the tourists flock to. Apparently the new thing is asian tourists taking photos with their iPads? Weird.

A while later I found this cool bridge that goes from Millenium Park over to Grant Park. It’s a really huge sweeping bridge with metal tile sides. Definitely worth the walk across!

Eventually headed home for a quick dinner before hopping on my bike and going out for a bike ride with Kristin! We made it from our apartment down fairly close to Navy Pier before turning back. It was starting to get dark and the beaches were absolutely packed with people playing volleyball. Made for an interesting ride back dodging people but luckily didn’t hit anyone 🙂

Not a bad view of the skyline, right? That’s no more than a mile or two from our apartment!

Parks in Chicago have a rule that you can’t use them unless you’re accompanied by a child under the age of 12. Considering 9pm is probably after most kid’s bedtimes, I took it upon myself to have a quick swing in the park! (Dad – these swings are about 10 feet from the mini golf place!)

Wrapping up this blog and then rolling into bed (aka the couch). Tomorrow night after work I’m going to play volleyball with one of the Leo Burnett leagues!


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