Day Two

Technically yesterday was day two but I was so exhausted after coming home and quickly feeding myself some dinner that I just tumbled right into bed. Day two intern-wise was a little bit slow. Not really assigned to any projects yet so I’m trying my best to ask questions and sit in on any meetings that I can. I’ve heard from a number of different people that it’s slow the first week and then it really piles up!

Commute things: People are generally really friendly on the bus. Or maybe I just look chatty? I had a 30 minute conversation with this woman who told me all about Lake Michigan, buildings downtown, good/bad buses to take, good times to commute, etc. Definitely enjoying commuting so far (of course, I know it would get old) but right now I’ve been taking a different route everyday which mixes up the scenery + people to talk to.

Around 3:30 I got an email from someone in HR requesting volunteers to help out at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago. I was originally planning on going to watch Remy’s softball game but when the opportunity came up I decided to be spontaneous and volunteer to help out! It involved heading straight over there after work and cooking dinner from 5:30-7 when it was time to serve it and then clean up. I’m so glad I ended up going because I met 4 other people from Leo including one of the other interns!

I was put in charge of making a layer “dirt cake” complete with gummy worms on top!


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