Day Four

I should probably come up with more inventive post titles but this seems to do the trick. I can’t believe that tomorrow is already the end of my first full week in Chicago! The days seem to be going faster and faster and the nights… oh my goodness. I guess going to sleep at 10 kind of cuts into the time a fair amount.

Today included a lot of time outside!! Spent the majority of the morning on the phone with the help desk and online submitting various software requests for things I don’t have. Rather difficult to work on a project without the software. Finally got assigned to work on three different projects (one animation, one web and one social media). Super pumped to get started on those and it’s nice that it’s picked up from day two. We’re also going to be assigned an intern project on top of what we’re working on in our own departments. Thanks for the preparation, RIT quarters.

The work day was broken up by an hour lunch outside sitting along the river with Remy! In the picture below, I work in the building on the left side. It’s so nice to have the river so close to work, makes for a quick change of scenery throughout the day.

Mid afternoon included a quick trip down to the floor that works on Kellogg’s – hello free cereal. Both Remy and I needed an afternoon snack since we were planning on being outside for most of the night before eating dinner. So convenient to be able to travel 5 floors down and find a display of cereal and milk. Yum.

After work Remy and I headed over to North Avenue Beach for a volleyball game. Volleyball is absolutely huge in Chicago. There are 50+ courts right along Lake Michigan and on any given night almost all of them are being used at one time or another. The team I played with was all people from Leo Burnett. Unfortunately, we were the only ones who showed up right at 6:30 so we had to forfeit the first game but I talked the other team into playing with us despite that. Eventually 3 other people showed up to play and we won one game and lost the other. I think if we had all of the people there we could have easily won both! Definitely not the easiest thing playing on sand – I have no intention of ever making it to Olympic beach volleyball status. Seriously no clue how people do that but it was a fun workout anyway.

It felt so nice to walk around in all of the sand and the water. I actually already have tan lines this summer – huge shocker considering that has happened… uhm NEVER.

After that was over we decided to walk the rest of the way north towards where my apartment is to grab dinner. Went to a place called Mista where I actually went with my family during the first night here. Tasty veggie lasagna was perfect for a 9pm dinner time – SO hungry + thirsty. It’s been fun spending almost my entire night this week out and about exploring. I absolutely love just being able to hop on a bus and get somewhere really quick or just walk! Living a block from the lake has been fantastic.

One more day of work for this week and then I already have a jam packed weekend of events! Crazy how fast time has flown.



3 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. Hi Emily,

    Sounds like (and looks like) you have a great summer unfolding in Chicago. While your new tan lines may be chic for beach volleyball, they most certainly disqualify you from pursuing a ballet career. Oh well, we all do things that we regret later on. Beware the jerks, enjoy all of the experiences that you can, and kick ass. I look forward to reading about the “70 Days of Emily”.

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