Day Five

Officially finished my first week at Leo Burnett. In some ways the days seemed really long but then again it feels like I was just walking in there for my first day of orientation.

The work side of things definitely started to pick up towards the end of the week. Spent the majority of the morning on the phone with or emailing guys from IT trying to get things installed on my computer. Not much luck though as I still walked out the door last night not having that resolved. Basically in a company of 1,700 people it’s easy for them to get bogged down with tons of tech requests. I’m trying to get After Effects installed on my computer so that I can work on one of the projects (due next week!). Hopefully that resolves itself soon so I can get working.

Broke for lunch again with Remy outside. As a special Friday treat we decided to head to Magnolia’s Bakery just 3 blocks down for work to share something tasty!

The afternoon was spent in meetings – my first project briefs! Briefs for designers involve meeting with your new Art Director (the company is so large that projects involve lots of different teams so you might not even know them), a coordinator from your department and another person who’s title I completely forget. They spend time before the brief getting everything organized and all of the assets or necessary information together to share with you. From there they give you the basic overview, allow you to ask any questions and send you on your way with a bunch of papers and files to go track down. This first project is actually due for a “pre-review” on Tuesday and final review on Wednesday. Eek! Good thing RIT has prepared me to work super quickly on things and time manage fairly well.

I was quickly called into another meeting (literally had 1 minute notice) for another project that I’m hopping on. One of the guys in the meeting was asking me all of these questions about protocol and things that had happened last year at Leo. I must have had a really goofy expression on my face because he goes “uhh When did you start here? You look like you don’t want me to ask you questions!” Which was totally true! Luckily I was able to quickly pick up information about the project and I think it will all go okay but it’s a totally weird experience being thrown into a room where you have no idea what is going on and people are already asking your opinions. Once he found out I was an intern who started on Monday he was very kind about explaining things (and not asking me questions!).

My final meeting for the day was pushed back until Monday afternoon which will be nice so I can (hopefully!) focus on the first two all day. That’s kind of making me exhausted just thinking about it. Must remember coffee on Monday!!

After work at Leo is kind of hilarious. Everyone seems to be pretty good friends with people in their departments so no one really jets out the door at 5 (plus lots of people are still in meetings/working). There is a lounge on the floor with drinks, foosball, couches, and a tv. A ton of the guys can be found in there hanging out after work. There’s also a conference room downstairs that turns into a bar at night. As it was the end of our first week, all of the interns decided to meet down there after work and hang out. It was great to get more time with them as I’m the only intern in my area. There’s another girl from RIT there interning as well so it was nice to have someone with a lot of things in common already! How weird to have so many overlapping friends and yet we didn’t know each other.

Made my way home sometime around 9 and then walked around the neighborhood that I’m living in. It was so warm out last night so all of the restaurants on the big street that’s 3 blocks away were packed. So many people out and about too. Grabbed a baguette from Trader Joe’s for dinner and a mouse might have gotten into it on the walk home. Just like in France 🙂


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