Day Six & Seven

Judging by the number of blisters on my feet, I’ve done a whole lot of walking over the past week. Always being on the go is kind of nice though as there are so many places to see in the city and so many things to do. Apparently I thought wrong when I said I wasn’t a city person. I love it.

After a long Friday and being out and about I assumed that I would relax a bit on Saturday morning. Turns out that I’m officially an adult now (well… only in some ways) because I woke up at 6:30 am with no alarm. I was rather disappointed with myself. Spent some time getting ready, reading for a little bit, eating lunch and then headed out to go see Remy’s new apartment. I was only there for 15 minutes or so because we had to leave and head downtown to meet up with two of her friends from Reno who were in town. They  had never had Chicago deep dish pizza so they took us out to dinner at Uno’s. Seeing as that’s my favorite meal ever, I had no complaints!

We had an event to go to at 8pm and ended up finishing dinner up at 5pm (midwest meal times anyone?) so had oodles of time on our hands to walk around and explore downtown. Below is a picture of the Leo Burnett building where both Remy + I are working! We’re on the 27 floor – it’s super scary to look straight down from the conference room windows.

Unfortunately yesterday was rather toasty warm so we popped inside a shopping mall for a bit to cool off. They had super sweet mosaic benches (which I apparently did not get a picture of).

Headed up to Old Town which is just north of the Loop and hung out in a Starbucks until the show started at 8pm. The show we were going to see was put on by Lampo, an experimental music organization in Chicago that was started by the husband of the woman who runs the Department of Design at Leo (small world). If you want to read more about the specific show you can read about it here. It’s the Joseph Hammer performance towards the bottom. It was a really cool performance and we got to walk around an experimental design exhibit afterwards as well. Always willing to try new things in this city, it will help to get to know it better.

Picture below is of Remy attempting to learn how to whistle at the L station – we probably provided great entertainment for the people around us 🙂

Saturday night after the performance we headed back to Remy’s for some ice cream and time with her crazy cat. The cat’s name is Wiki and is actually Remy’s new roommates cat. Remy had described the cat as weird but I didn’t understand the extent of the weirdness until I actually met Wiki. Seriously the oddest most ADD cat I’ve ever met. She would run around the apartment playing with random pieces of dust, scare herself, flop around like a dog on the floor and demand constant attention.

I slept over at Remy’s on Saturday night because I planned on trying a church this morning that was only 3 blocks from her place. Wiki and I had some quality bonding time this morning. That cat purrs louder than anything and is particularly chatty at 7 am.

Had kind of a slow morning leading up to church because both of us were exhausted from last night. The new church was good, it definitely made me miss Grace Road in Rochester. The building itself and the music were great but I wasn’t sure about the message especially because Remy had a hard time hearing it. I think we might look around a little more or perhaps I’ll just take this 10 week period as a way to try a new church every week for lots of different experiences.

After church we sped walked our way to a crepes place 20 minutes away called Crepes a Lot. Remy has some friend of a friend of an uncle connection with someone from Reno who recently moved to Chicago so we met up with him there. Super tasty peanut butter and jelly crepe which I forgot to take a picture of but I’ll most definitely be back. On the way home we walked past this super creepy doll collection at a yard sale. Uhm what?!

Rounded off the afternoon with some swinging in a park across the street from Remy’s apartment, more time with Wiki and now time in a Starbucks close by (free wifi!). Probably going to head home soon to get some dinner in me and get rested up for an early day tomorrow (short project deadlines this week, eek!).

Last but not least: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!! Wish I could be home to hang out with you! Maybe you’ll just have to come out here and play mini golf 🙂


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