Day Eight

A rather frustrating day overall.

Spent over 2.5 hours on the phone with tech support throughout the day. I got into work an hour early figuring that I could settle in with some coffee before the crowds and get some work done.Unfortunately that extra hour was spent on hold with someone in IT because my computer issues were STILL not fixed. To make a long story short, this all involved numerous phone calls between 5 different people and myself, a few emails, people taking over my screen to try to fix things, uninstalling the entire Adobe Suite and then finally them sending someone up in person to take my computer away. Really great considering I was trying to get work done through all of this! Luckily I had the genius idea to bring my own computer into work today “just in case” so I wasn’t completely without something to work with. All of the passwords, internet issues and problems with file/font licensing and sharing did prove to be a slight problem though.

Can only hope that they fix it by tomorrow morning. And yes, I will be bringing my own computer.

The rest of the day was broken up by two separate 1 hour meetings and a few random errands. Needless to say I did end up staying late. But I went out and bought myself some iced tea from Argo (a cool specialty tea store down the street) in the middle of all of this. A much needed break. I did, in fact, get some work done today and it felt good to get back into “designer mode” with Pandora playing and just cracking down on some Photoshop work. Currently working on a website – love me some UI design.

After work Remy and I both decided that going home to empty fridges didn’t seem like a fun idea (really needed to go grocery shopping) so we went out to eat instead! Took the brown line up close to home and there is a restaurant called Fresh literally right under the L stop. Tasty vegetable dumplings and tofu pad thai! I did stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home – Mondays are clearly not a good time to go shopping. So packed.

Probably headed to bed soon as I’m planning on getting to work early again (hopefully not wasting that time on the phone though..).


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