Day Nine

Today’s post is going to be short because my day included (and is continuing to include) a whole lot of work.

Got to Leo around 8 am just in time to get a cup of coffee and admire the view. See below. That’s the view from about 2 steps away from my desk. Not bad, right? Lake Michigan is off in the distance with Millenium Park tucked in the upper left hand side.

Working on the 27th floor is a wee bit intimidating though if you happen to look down…

I seriously cannot believe how fast these days are going. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday of my 2nd week here. Today I worked on the same project from 8 until 1, switched it up for an hour and then continued on that same project until the end of the day. Had my first official reviews with Art Directors and other senior people today. It was nothing a little freshman drawing class critique didn’t prepare me for. Only thing is the deadlines are SO much faster than in college. As in, it’s due tomorrow in less than 24 hours. Eek. Good learning experiences all around. I’m feeling pretty slow with my workflow though. Other people are tackling 3+ projects whereas I’m focusing on two. I think with time and practice I’ll get faster. It did help today to have two computers (I got my work laptop back!) which meant dual monitor. I switched back and forth between projects without having to shut down programs or overload the computers (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and After Effects would not have enjoyed all running at once).

I decided to take an hour or two to myself after work before continuing on things. I set out to run on the Lake Shore path that is just a block from the apartment. Unfortunately, what working in an air conditioned office all day didn’t prepare me for was the HEAT. And lots of it. It was a humid 93 degrees today, not exactly what I would consider ideal running weather. My ambitious running plans soon turned into a walk which turned into sitting on a park bench in the shade talking to my mom. Ah, it’s the thought that counts.

View from the path (above) and view from my park bench (below).

Headed back home, fed myself, and now I’m sitting down to work for a couple more hours.

Do these pictures make anyone want to come visit Chicago anytime soon? (looking at you, Jon :))


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