Day Thirteen

Now that I’m finally caught up on the past three days, how about today’s adventures..

The view I wake up to every morning (below). Waking up to sun coming through the window is never a bad way to wake up. Even at 7:30 on a Saturday. Slower start to the morning catching up with Jon and then seeing Kristin off (she’s going to Michigan for the weekend on a work retreat).

I decided that it’s too nice of a day to spend inside so I headed out on a walk/run/yoga/stretch through the park. Covered 5 miles total and probably could have gone further if I had remembered sunscreen and actually eaten breakfast before I left (I only intended on going on a short run). Oops. I headed north this time and got to see a lot of the park that I hadn’t before. There were SO many people outside biking, walking, running, yogaing, playing baseball, etc. About half of the time was spent along the marina which has a dog beach that is rather entertaining. Chicago is huge on outdoor sports events. They’re all sponsored by these bigger organizations who set up volleyball on the lake, baseball in the park or yoga classes at random locations. It’s cool to see so much group exercise and you’re definitely never alone if you go outside to work out. There are also those weight exercises along the trail (pushups, chin up bars, rings, etc) which I’ve never actually seen people use before. In Chicago there’s literally a line formed sometimes of people waiting to use them.

Up north towards Irving Park is this cool old clock tower that I think is now part of a golf course. This is the part of the path where I went a little off course – I didn’t realize I was walking into a Marina so instead of walking closer to home like I assumed I was doing, I was only getting further away. Oops.

And of course, Lake Michigan. So many boats out today!

This was my spot for yoga – really sweet view that makes holding tough poses just a little bit easier.

I’d like to wander down to Lincoln Park where they have a public market at some point but I might save that for tomorrow. I’m really missing the Rochester Public Market!! This afternoon looks like a good time for some outdoor reading under a tree, potentially going down to the beach on Lake Michigan and then meeting up with Remy later tonight. I’ve been trying to spend as little time as possible on my computer when it’s not for work purposes (aside from blogging now). I have a whole list of things I’d like to see and places I’d like to eat so I have to quick cram everything in!


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