Days Ten – Twelve

The posting is starting to get a bit bunched up here as I’ve been spending more and more time at work and less time in the evenings wanting to hop back on a computer. I just finished up my 2nd week at Leo. Like I said in the last post, days are going insanely fast. The number of meetings and things to do throughout the day has picked up which I’m sure contributes to that feeling. I’m getting pretty used to waking up before 7, getting ready speedy quick and making it to work by 8. I’ve found the shortest possible commute to work (15+) minutes and it goes right down Lake Shore Drive which makes for awesome views. The ride home, however, is a little bit more tricky because I haven’t memorized bus lines yet or attempted to make any sense of them so I tend to end up waiting forever. I should just learn to take the Brown Line home and enjoy the extra walk. Finally feeling like I really know the city or at least my small corner of it. Apartment, Bus, Work, Bus, Apartment (and lots of stops at the beach in between!).

The view from work never gets old. In the two weeks that I’ve been here it’s rained once and that was conveniently during the work day so I was inside anyway. Blue skies, sunshine, the lake.. pretty nice. Certainly makes me want to spend as much time outside as possible.

Below is the view from the lunch room at Leo.

View of Wacker Drive and the River from the other side of the lunch room.

Even with late nights at work, I still manage to make room for a quick walk to the neighborhood ice cream place. It’s only 4 blocks away and we had been passing it every time we went somewhere so Kristin and I decided to try it out. We declared it quite delicious and might have to make multiple trips back 🙂 Peanut butter chip ice cream… I mean, you really can’t go wrong.

Last night after work I texted Kristin on the ride home and said we were eating dinner on the lake, no excuses! The other night I had the genius idea to make asian peanut-y noodles with cabbage, tofu and carrots (okay, that recipe needs a shorter name) but anyway there is A LOT of it which made for a quick grab and go dinner. So many boats and people out – it was really cold on the lake though so we stopped back at our conveniently located apartment before headed out into Lakeview to explore.

Our exploring took us past this vintage store that sold clothes that only looked appropriate for Halloween and some lady invited us in because they were having a party. Note: it was NOT as creepy as that just sounded, Mom. Turns out there was an art gallery opening in the basement of the building so we decided to go check it out. It did feel a little like we were going into someone’s basement though. I love being in an area of Chicago where we can just walk 4 blocks down and there are tons of people out and about on any given night. It makes the area feel tons safer and encourages us to get out as much as possible.

Our walk around the neighborhood had a pit stop at Trader Joe’s for a bottle of wine. We made it all the way back home before we discovered that neither one of us had bothered to pack a wine opener when we moved out here. Whoops. Guess that wine is going to be saved for another night!


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