Day Fourteen

Today was a pretty laid back Sunday. Last night Remy and I went downtown since it was a guy a work’s birthday and didn’t come back until 1:30 am when I was absolutely exhausted. There is a bread, wine and cheese place that is 4 blocks from my apartment and it’s never open when I’m out of work so I was hoping to catch them today. What I didn’t realize was that today is the Pride Parade that was going down that very same street. So what was supposed to be a short walk to get bread and cheese ended up with large crowds and someone (accidentally) dumping beer on me. There were hoards of people down there with quite a few beers in them already and it was only 11 am so I decided that was perhaps not the best street to hang out on today.

Instead I had fun picking out cheese. I ended up with a local one from about an hour south – the person who sold the cheese to me was super helpful in describing them and let me taste some. The one I picked was from a cheese making shop that she went to this morning. I didn’t get a lot but told her I’d be back soon (if they’re ever open at a convenient time!). I took my bread and cheese home and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a book before heading in the opposite direction to Lake Michigan.

Found myself a nice spot under a big shady tree and ate lunch and then read for close to 3 hours. I’m currently reading book two in the Hunger Games series! With the breeze off the lake, the sounds of sailboats coming into the marina, and the screams of people trying out the nearby trapeze school, it was definitely an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Tonight is going to include getting ahead on some work for this week (big project due Tuesday) and then reading some more.

On to week three!


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