Day Twelve – Revisited

What I failed to mention about Friday was the 2 hour scavenger hunt that Leo interns were sent on. This summer we’re split up into groups of 8-10 people who all have varying backgrounds from copywriting to design or art directing. We’re assigned a project to do all together that is due on the final week of our time here. Anyway, the scavenger hunt was meant as an ice breaker to get to know the rest of our group before we spend 8 weeks working with them. It was also meant for embarrassment purposes because we’re the interns after all 🙂

We were given a list of 15 different things to do that took us around various floors looking for things and the rest of the tasks were outside in Chicago. We definitely turned some heads while we were forming a “cheerleading pyramid” outside of the Leo Burnett building or when we went running through Millenium Park with a 2 foot Travelocity Gnome.

One of the last tasks on the list was to make it all the way down to Navy Pier (about a 15 minute walk), buy a beer and take a picture in front of the Ferris Wheel. It was both a pretty far walk and a REALLY hot day so we were all exhausted by the time we had made it down there.

Ended up taking a cab back which was a bit squished with 5 people crammed in the backseat. Certainly a quick way to meet a group of people 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day Twelve – Revisited

  1. How did the male intern get positioned on the top of the pyramid? Is there an intern pecking order, based on skills, and he’s the big winner?

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