Day Sixteen and Seventeen

The days seem to be running together lately and nights are going faster and faster. I can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday! I feel like I just wrote my blog post for last weekend and here we are coming up on yet another. Meetings, photoshopping, more meetings, bus to and from, more meetings then feeding myself. In between I’ve managed to find time to finish the second book in the Hunger Games series (intense!), go to the gym and walk around downtown a bit. Meeting more of the interns for the baseball game and lunches has been nice. I feel like I moved to this city and really didn’t have to worry about where to find friends (definitely thankful for that). Between Kristin, Remy and all of the interns at work there is always someone interested in doing something.


Work has certainly been a huge learning experience so far. As an intern my role in the department of design is not entirely defined. What that means is that it’s a lot of asking questions, figuring things out and trying to work as fast as possible. Deadlines are definitely way different than in school. There they gave us deadlines for sketches, process work, final comps, etc. Now it’s pretty much just get this done in 24 hours or less. The pen tool (in Adobe Illustrator) and I have become best friends and I feel like I’ve been picking up a lot of new keyboard shortcuts and faster ways of working.

More on projects and such later though- it’s bedtime! Perhaps I’ll remember to take some more pictures tomorrow.


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