Day Eighteen

If there is one big lesson that I’ve learned so far this summer, it’s that I absolutely cannot and should not read on a bus or train. This realization is rather disappointing as I have 2 nice chunks of time where getting ahead on my book would be nice. However, after making this mistake not once but twice.. I’ve decided that feeling enormously nauseous on the ride home is not a good plan. Especially in rush hour traffic with the bus driver slamming on the brakes. But enough of that.

More 10+ hour days at work this week. We’re finally making good traction on a project (or so it seems). The whole process has definitely been a learning experience. In addition to the project that I’ve been working on for a couple weeks now, I’ve added on two more. One of those is an intern project. There are 65 interns, we’re broken up into teams of roughly 10 each and everyone has a good mix of creatives, account managers, copywriters, etc. We’ve had two initial brainstorming rounds so far and are planning on a third tomorrow. It’s really neat to be given a full scale client project to work with. I probably won’t share too much about it until the final deliverables (in 7 weeks) at the end of my internship. A lot of the interns aren’t necessarily from a traditional 4 year design school background. I’m finding it really interesting to learn about all of the different ways in which people end up in advertising, especially when it sounds like most had very unconventional paths or never intended on getting there.

100 degree weather made a quick walk at lunch with Remy almost unbearable. When they said it was going to be 100, they really meant it. Unfortunately this only lead to work overcompensating with the air conditioning and I felt like I was in an ice box all day. I was originally planning on stopping by Millenium Park after work to see part of a concert that was going on there tonight but between working until 7 and thunderstorms/rain, it didn’t sound like a very good plan.

Tomorrow is Friday! It’s coming just in time because I’m itching to break the routine for a bit and fit some exploring in. I already have my list made for things I’d like to see and do, now I just have to hope there aren’t thunderstorms!



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