Day Twenty One

Yikes, Sunday has just started and it already feels like I have had a full weekend. I suppose that is never the worst feeling in the world.

Started out Friday night with dinner out at Gino’s pizza with Kristin and two new intern friends from work. Despite having a waiter that was slightly less than attentive, it was quite fun. Krystle and I left work and walked all the way to navy pier first before meeting up with the other two. Good news because Friday morning was horrendously rainy and thunderstormy so we were glad that cleared up for some exploring.


Saturday morning after breakfast Kristin and I head out into Lincoln Park. We live less than four blocks from it and yet I always venture out to the lake instead so I was interested to see what was in there. We had the ultimate goal of reaching the green city market which is supposed to be one of the largest outdoor markets in town.


On the way there we stopped at quite a few places including the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It was beautiful! Such an awesome way to feel like you don’t live in a city at all and nice to get out of the sun for a little bit. It’s been in the upper 90s lately in terms of weather. That’s slightly less than appreciated.




There were over four different rooms packed with interesting looking plants. And large fish! These things seriously looked like they had eaten about 20 goldfish for lunch.


We eventually made it down to the Green City Market. And Rochester? Chicago has got nothing on you. Well, in the market department anyway. It was great but I was missing the market in Rochester more! This one had a lot of restaurants and such that had booths. We had eaten breakfast not too long ago so we settled on getting some iced tea instead. It was lemon basil tea with honey and very delicious! We sat in the shade watching all of the huge fluffy dogs around us play.



After finishing up there we decided to continue walking south for a bit to see what was there. We made it all the way through old town before deciding that we’d had it so we hopped on a train and made it the rest of the way downtown. Walked around a bunch in the area right around the Leo building.


When we had exhausted ourselves enough we settled on having lunch at Wow Bao an Asian restaurant in the basement of Leo. I had never been there before despite passing it everyday. Really tasty! Although these were perhaps the most spicy thing I’ve ever eaten.



Came back home around 3:30 after our feet had enough. But not before stopping at the local cheese place for some dinner items. We had planned earlier to go over to Remy’s for dinner. Bread, cheese, wine, salad and gnnochi! And of course more time with her crazy kitty.




After dinner the three of us headed to Bucktown because some of the interns from last summer were having a housewarming party. Fun to meet more people from Leo and hear about all of the shenanigans about the intern class from last year. That’s perhaps one of the huge benefits for working at a company that is so large, there are always groups of people to hang out with.

The trip back from the party was quite the adventure. Clocking in at around an hour and a half (should not have taken that long) we definitely learned the late night bus schedule. Or lack there of. Finally caught a bus to take us somewhere in the vicinity but then learned when our bus pulled over in a parking lot and said “goodnight!” that we were then supposed to walk the rest of the way home. Nothing like some late night exercise. The pictures below are from our 16 minute wait for the next bus (that would later leave us stranded).



Definitely a jam packed day and I was more than ready for some sleep when we finally got home last night!


One thought on “Day Twenty One

  1. Hi Em,
    I just caught up on all your postings from the Windy City. What a great opportunity! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. Of course you have already learned an important life lesson-never go anywhere without a wine opener.

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