Day Twenty Two

I must be getting rather far into my internship now because I have to go back and count on a calendar to figure out what to title my post – I could save myself time by not numbering them. Or by posting everyday so I could just look at the previous.

So today.

Today was a very “case of the Mondays” day. Kind of slow all day. Lots of people are in and out of the office this week because the 4th is awkwardly on Wednesday which means it would only be wise to take 2 more days off and have an awesomely long weekend. Spent most of the morning sketching and was shocked to look up and realize that it was past noon. Only one meeting today along with more sketching and a brief coffee/lunch break with Remy. Unfortunately (well, I guess it was kind of good) IT finally got back to me after I requested help last week. Turns out they had to uninstall my Adobe suite for a third (and hopefully final) time which meant the afternoon was less productive than I hoped.

After work I headed over to Millennium Park to meet up with my cousin Joel! We were supposed to meet around 6 so I texted what I thought was his number but it was most certainly not.


It also seemed weird that he had not texted me yet considering he had my number as well. Long story short, 30 minutes later I was still standing on the edge of the park waiting to hear something. Two minutes before the performance started I just so happened to be looking towards the front of the stage and saw someone who looked familiar. Good news, it was him! Turns out we had BOTH given each other the wrong number. Seriously what are the chances of that?! But it all worked out in the end.


We watched two different performances that were there, chatted in between and ate some dinner (Thanks for the pasta salad!). There was an adorable kid that kept running around the area we were in. The kid was counting all of the numbers on the seats and then left for a while. When he got back, he was only wearing a diaper and a hat and kept running up and down the aisles. It was seriously cute. Both performances tonight were good – the second one was kind of funny because one of the singers had what looked to be a guitar but it was really just a guitar shaped board that she wore the entire time. Never really figured out what that was all about.



Made it back home and now settling in for an episode of How I Met Your Mother with Kristin before bedtime. Tomorrow is Friday! (Kind of – since Wednesday is a day off)

Officially starting the Jon countdown today – 10 days!!


One thought on “Day Twenty Two

  1. Jon is going to wonder what’s the deal with all of these texts to some dude named “Patrick”. Better start working on your explanation now because 10 days will go by pretty fast.

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