Day Twenty Four

A Wednesday off in the middle of the week was definitely a welcomed surprise. There was, however, no sleeping in. Unless you’d like to call 7:15 late. Up early and started making pasta salad for our picnic later in the day. Remy, Kristin and I had made plans to hang out for the whole day and we wanted to get an early start as to not waste our day off.


Kristin was pleased to wake up to a messy kitchen – That was after I threw a pillow at her since she wouldn’t get out of bed. Guess I need to work on my roommate skills 🙂 kidding! Kitchen was squeaky clean afterwards and I’d like to think that I’m less obnoxious than her alarm that sounds like a fire alarm every morning.


After a quick breakfast, Remy came over and we headed off to the coffee shop that I found last weekend. We hung around for a few hours drinking coffee, talking and working on various projects. I love hanging out at this coffee shop especially sitting at the bar because they take coffee brewing seriously so it’s fun to watch all of their different techniques.



Originally we had planned to spend most of the day outside between picnicking, reading and walking around. Unfortunately the weather was not a consideration in our plans. And let me tell you, 100 degrees is hot. Unbearably hot. Needless to say, the picnic only lasted about 45 minutes before we all we’re in need of an ice bath.




After the brief picnic outside, we spent a few hours inside in the ac reading and being goofy. Afternoon was time for a frozen yogurt break before all of the stores around here closed.


For the fireworks, we had planned on going down to watch the ones at navy pier from the marina that’s closest to us. Everyone else around had a similar idea which made it more fun. There were soo many boats out on the lake and lots of picnics around. Lots of cheering and yelling as well.



It got dark pretty quickly and soon enough the fireworks started. We were a wee bit too far away to actually hear much of anything but they were still nice to look at and I loved getting to sit right on the edge of lake Michigan. Only thing that would have made it better is if I could have stuck my feet in. Even nights here aren’t helping on the heat front.


After the navy pier ones stopped we were turning around to walk home when a big fireworks display started behind us. Turns out (found out from the family next to us) that the Belmont marina puts on a show every year. It was awesome to get to see them so close up. We were probably 4 blocks away.


On the walk back I saw at least four other displays in other neighborhoods. Pretty amazing walking along the lake and getting to see 4+ firework displays, huge numbers of boats on the lake and a full orange moon! Definitely a great night.



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