Day Twenty Five

Going back to work on Thursday after a Wednesday holiday made it feel a whole lot similar to a Monday. Fortunately Friday was right around the corner (again). Waking up was especially hard considering I was attempting to make it to work a whole hour earlier than usual. We had a meeting scheduled at 9;30 for a project that I’m working on and I needed to get a few things wrapped up before that happened. The meeting went surprisingly well. I’m really enjoying working on this particular project because it’s not a traditional advertising client but rather a non-profit.

Plus who can complain about working with a view like this?


About halfway through the day we all looked outside and it was absolutely raining cats and dogs. Horizontal sheets of rain and wind were blowing across the the city. Being on the 27th floor in a thunderstorm with buckets of rain was actually kind of fun. We were tucked inside but it was obviously horrible outside and the hugeness of the building just made it look like we were watching a movie. The rain, luckily, did help knock the temperature down. Six degrees. But when it was 102 to begin with, 97 was making progress.


After work Remy came home with me to hang out for a while – her apartment lost AC last night so it was miserably hot. On top of that, she has no internet either! Someone’s living in the dark ages over there. We apparently got out of work at exactly the wrong time though because instead of the normal 30 minutes it takes to get home, it took over an hour. Of slow moving traffic. Like molasses. It’s probably the only time here so far that I have not enjoyed public transportation. Not to mention an earlier bus did come but there was no room left on it <–huge bummer. With the July 4th Holiday the city is absolutely packed with tourists. I definitely enjoy not feeling like one though!


Dinner was leftover pasta salad – tasty! I’m definitely going to be making this again. I’m looking forward to some cooler days soon. Getting too antsy not being able to walk around outside after work. Of course, I could suck it up but I’d rather not be drenched after just walking down the block.


Not sure of our Friday plans yet but it’s another 100+ degree day so I’m going to go ahead and assume it doesn’t include running along the lake.


One thought on “Day Twenty Five

  1. What a wonderful blog you have. For those of us who live vicariously
    it is a delight. Pictures & commentary are great. Thanks for sharing.

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