Day [I don’t know]

It might be a wise idea for me to blog before too many days slip away, huh? The days and weeks seem to be passing faster and faster lately. Nights seem to be going by even faster.

Let’s see. I’m currently one day away from the end of week five here (I can’t stop counting like I’m still on the quarter system at RIT). Projects at work have picked up considerably and I often find myself switching between running about to meetings and spending long hours staring at my computer screen. I take breaks, drink tea, munch on animal crackers (yes, I’m still 5) and remember to look up from the screen every once in a while. I’m really enjoying having multiple things to work on so I don’t get bored. It’s nice to spend one day focused on something and then be able to switch gears the next day for a little something different.

Friday night was girls night and we spent it at a local margarita place just 2 blocks down. Super tasty and delicious. Saturday morning was a “triathlon” with Kristin which involved time downstairs on the elliptical, a bike ride down towards the city and then “swimming” which mostly included hanging out on the beach.

This past weekend Ashley was also in town (worked with her for RIT Admissions) which was super exciting! Met up with her Saturday night for the Chicago classic deep dish pizza. The hour and a half plus wait allowed for lots of catching up time. Sunday morning I went back downtown for some exploring with her. It was definitely a jam packed day that involved lots and lots of walking! We started out with some coffee at what I’m convinced is the best coffee in Chicago. Mostly due to presentation and probably the fact that every time I go there I spend no less than an hour hanging out or sitting outside pretending I’m in Paris. We made our way down to the bean in Millennium Park, back up Michigan Avenue, down to River North to grab sandwiches for lunch and then down to Navy Pier to actually eat the sandwiches. We found a bench overlooking a group of people learning to ride segways for the first time so it basically turned into lunch and a show. Walked down to the end of Navy Pier, back to River North to sit on the river for a bit and then headed back to the hotel on Michigan Ave to meet up with another person. Lots of walking in circles!

Once we met up with them we walked back down to Navy Pier to sit on the lake for a bit (there’s the Ohio Street Beach right downtown) before heading to Millennium Park for some drinks and sitting(!). We had plans to go regroup and head to Wicker Park for dinner but after all of the walking we were exhausted so ended up just eating in this secret hotel place (ie. a lounge for people who travel a lot) which was fine by me. By the time I made it home I was ready to pass out. I guess I didn’t realize how much walking that was until I wrote it out. (Sorry Ashley!)

Monday after work I met up with Ashley again at the hotel and stuck around while the conference wrapped up. I’m definitely missing working in higher ed/admissions stuff and it’s probably the one conference I could be randomly dropped into and not feel like a total outcast. Got to meet some people I had only previously known on Twitter in person which is always fun.

Tuesday after work I was pretty exhausted from the weekend shenanigans so I decided to head home soon after work to relax some. Ended up getting to Skype for a long time with Devan (our roommate from this past year)! And tonight was the final countdown to Jon coming!! Less than 24 hours now.

Tomorrow night perhaps I’ll have to do a picture post to make up for all of this text 🙂


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