Day Thirty Six


Feels like it has been a long time in between updates. Just finishing an incredible four days with Jon who came to visit Chicago for the first time! After work on Thursday I spent some time waiting in millennium park before heading down to midway to meet him. Seeing concerts there and the bean never gets old but I was anxious to see him which made the wait feel like forever.



Lots of places were explored over the past four days. Much of it involved eating, drinking coffee and the lake. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Friday morning we made our way to intelligentsia coffee but not without stopping for some sandwiches at red hen bakery which is a few blocks down. I love being able to walk to everything and hanging out at local places.


After the coffee we headed down to the lake to see it before it looked like it was going to rain. Since no rain was in the forecast it seemed odd that the skies were suddenly quite dark and there was thunder in the distance. It quickly became obvious that staying outside and walking along the river was a bad decision so we made our way to a nearby bridge. Turns out that was an excellent choice because soon after the skies opened up and it absolutely poured. Full on thunderstorm overhead, water rushing off the walkway along the lake and tree branches and leaves flying about. We were most definitely not the only people who had had the brilliant idea to stand under the bridge.


There were some pretty big thunder booms right above us and the rain started blowing further and further under the bridge so we kept inching towards the middle. None of the pictures really show extent of the storm.


After about an hour it finally cleared up and we ventured back into the park. There was some
pretty significant flooding in the streets and we came upon a large tree that had clearly been hit by lightening.


Friday night was spent at a local Mexican restaurant getting delicious margaritas and burritos and more walking through Lincoln Park to see the conservatory and lily pond (which I apparently did not take a picture of).

Saturday morning was a relaxing start with coffee at Next Door a coffee shop a few blocks away that I had been meaning to check out. Super cool place and there was even live music! The afternoon brought more rain but was luckily not as bad as the previous day. We did get stuck outside in a downpour on our way back from getting bread and cheese for lunch – clearly poor timing.



After the rain passed we made our way back to lake Michigan. A bit of wading in the water left us more than a bit soaked so we eventually gave up trying to stay dry and just went all the way in. The walk back with soaking wet clothes was more than a little bit chilly.


A stop at an outcropping of concrete and rocks started like this:

And ended up with Jon’s elbow looking like this. Clearly jumping onto a wet slippery rock is not a wise decision. Lesson learned.

That night Kristin Jon and I headed north to meet Remy at a bar that has an entire wall of board games. Unfortunately Jon forgot his ID back at the apartment which we didn’t realize until we made it all the way there so it made for a bit of a long walk back home. Fun night once we got there though. Played some pictionary and Jenga.



To be continued…


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