Day Thirty Six (continued)

Sunday was spent at the beach after a quick breakfast at Panera. We actually planned ahead this time and brought suits. It was amazing that had breakfast, went to the lake, spent time reading under a tree at the lake and it still wasn’t afternoon.

Eventually we wandered downtown because Jon still hadn’t seen it. A quick stop at the bean, visit to the fountains and a walk through millennium park. Before long we were ready for food so we went to giordanos for the iconic deep dish pizza.




A walk along the river, a trip to visit Leo and a quick stop at the Hershey’s store for Jon (he’s from Hershey) before heading back up north. When we got back we quick changed and headed back to the lake for another walk and swim at sunset!! Super pretty to be swimming in the (cold!) water watching the sunset over the buildings and all of the lights downtown start twinkling. Unfortunately no pictures because swimming with my phone did not seem like a wise idea.




This morning was spent avoiding the outdoors as much as possible because it was hot!! But we did make a trip up to the Next Door coffee shop again ( I anticipate that becoming a regular occurrence). Followed by one last trip to the lake ( no swimming this time) before it was time to tak Jon to the airport.





Overall super relaxing amazing weekend but it still didn’t make the whole long distance relationship thing any easier.



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