Day Thirty Nine

I should probably learn that when I think to myself on the bus in the morning “Today is going to be a coffee day”, I should drop whatever I’m doing and make it happen. From the start, yesterday was an insanely busy day. The kind of day in which you question whether or not you have enough time to make a quick bathroom break.

Today was one of those days.

A lot of people at the agency have been telling me, beware when you don’t have any work to do one day because that just means it’s coming for you the next. How very true that is. The workload is very uneven most days due to reviews, needing to wait to hear from clients and waiting for new projects to be assigned. The busy days are certainly very busy.

I had one big project that was due by 5pm and another that needed to go in for review at 11 am so I spent the whole day frantically making changes, producing new things for the one project and sitting in on meetings. The meetings were “pre-reviews” for the 5pm project and had turn around times on the edits of about an hour. Needless to say lunch was not high on the agenda. Lucky for us, one of our review meetings happened to be in a room that had previously had a lunch meeting – free sandwiches and fruit! Definitely thankful for occurrences like that. So we all munched away on the food while we reviewed. It was probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if that due to the fact that I was so hungry I’d eat anything or it really was excellent.

The 5pm review ended up going until 6:40 which was alright because it turned out to be very helpful in the design direction but I had to quick grab my things and run out the door to meet two other interns. We had previously (ie. the night before) planned and bought tickets to an after hours event at the Planetarium. Quick bus ride later and we were there ready to go. I think if we hadn’t had made those plans before I could have easily gone home and passed out on the couch from exhaustion. Although I’m super glad we ended up going! Kind of neat to walk around the museum after hours when it was more like a party than a museum exhibit.

We got to go in this Planetarium that they had built in 1913 to teach soliders or something about how to read the stars. Aside from that the exhibits themselves were okay, slightly more technical than I would have preferred but we saw some neat stuff.

My favorite thing about it was the view. Absolutely gorgeous. We ended up grabbing dinner around 10 and sat along a huge wall of windows that looked out onto the lake and the rest of the city. Because of where the Planetarium is placed it’s a prime skyline viewing area. Can’t say enough about how cool it was to stand out on the balcony and watch the lights and all of the fog roll over the city (it was a bit rainy/overcast that day).

By the time I made it home, I was more than ready for bedtime!


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