Day Forty One

I’ve been pretty exhausted lately but haven’t really figured out why until I finally get around to writing and blog post and man I’ve been walking around a lot. Guess that would do it. Saturday started out a little slow (yay for no alarms!) but involved lots of walking around our neighborhood going on various errands to the bank, grocery store, walgreens, etc. I love being able to walk to so many things close by no bus or car required. The only thing it limits is the number of groceries that I can get at any given time. But as someone who enjoys grocery shopping, I don’t seem to mind the 2 or 3 trips a week in order to lighten the load.

After a quick lunch of pasta salad (hooray for prior planning!) and a bath in sunscreen we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Kristin had been wanting to go for a while so we wandered down that way for some animal sightings. I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m not a huge zoo fan. There is something weird about people flocking to a cage to watch an animal lie there. I’d rather see animals in the wild (except for bears or large things that could eat me) or not at all. It’s almost more amusing watching people pace back and forth and make fake “animal calls” to get them to come closer. If I were that lion, I would not be pleased.

The zoo did have great views and lots of trees and flowers though! Much preferred that. This skyline never gets old no matter what time of day or angle it’s from. This was a view from the southern most edge of the zoo. After an hour or so of walking around and looking at caged animals I parked myself on a bench and enjoyed the shade (it’s really humid here!).

We came back and enjoyed some AC before heading out to meet Remy at a pizza place a little ways away called Naked Pizza. They’re known for having healthy ingredients without all of the added preservatives and nonsense. Remy and I ended up getting a Mediterranean pizza to share (artichoke hearts, olives, onions, feta and roasted red peppers). So tasty!

After that the three of us headed out to Lincoln Square for some gelato and time outside. Lincoln Square is a really cool neighborhood that definitely made me feel like I was in another country.

There was a man playing an accordian, people dancing, kids running around and tons of neighbors out meeting. Really cool environment and it was luckily not too hot outside so we were able to enjoy the night. Our main reason for heading up that way was the Lincoln Square Festival that was going on this weekend. I guess the Folk Music school up there puts it on for 3 days and 3 or 4 blocks were lined with food, vendors and music. Two large stages were at either end of the festival and people were definitely into the music. Nice night to walk around so we ended up walking the 30 or so minutes back to Remy’s.

Two movies later (The Artist and The Vow) and I was more than ready to pass out for bedtime!


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