Day Forty Two


Today had an early start for a Sunday. A walk through Irving Park (north of where I’m living) took us through tons of treelined streets with houses that I would be ready to move into immediately. We eventually ended up at Delicious Cafe an all vegan cafe that Remy had found near her house. We ended up sharing a breakfast sandwich (tempeh bacon) and a cinnamon peanut butter and banana bagel. Perfect mix of savory and sweet. Along with coffee of course! Quick 20 minute walk to church after breakfast.


After making it back to our apartment, I grabbed my computer + some snacks (cinnamon almonds from Trader Joe’s which I’m currently obsessed with!) before heading to a local coffeeshop. It’s a place that I had tried for the first time with Jon when he came last weekend and absolutely loved it. I’m declaring it my new Java Wally’s (from RIT) in Chicago. Good background music and noise, comfy couch/booths and delicious smoothies & coffee. I’ve spent the last 3 hours or so hanging out working on some projects for tomorrow, catching up with my parents and just relaxing. Loving this place! They have  a really cool community chalkboard that highlights events going on in the place or even just around Lakeview. It’s always packed too and directly in front of me is a board to learn how to write your name in Hawaiian (it would be Emili).

Tonight is going to be some combination of reading, dinner, watching How I Met Your Mother with Kristin and early to bed because tomorrow starts week 7! Yikes, only 4 more weeks to go here. Really don’t have a clue what is happening next in my life or even what state I’ll end up in. We’ll see, keeping an open mind for sure.


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