Day Forty Three

Monday was a more abrupt start to the week than I was originally hoping. Non-stop work all day left little time for lunch and dinner was eaten in the exact same spot (see above). Luckily I work in a building that has 4 restaurants in the basement of the building and millions just a block or two away (tourist area) which makes it convenient to duck out.

Busy days, although really stressful, are good to have every once in a while to balance out quieter days. Certainly makes me appreciate the down time more! Even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. By the time I was finished with work, I just wanted to go home and pass out on the couch. Although I did stop to take in the city. Isn’t it gorgeous at night? Makes working late worth it just to see the sky and all of the pretty lights. It is nice working just 3 blocks away from a major tourist attraction (well 3 – millennium park and the bean, magnificent mile and navy pier) because it means there are people around no matter what time of night.


On the bus ride home there was a mysterious beeping noise that started getting faster and faster  which was somewhat disconcerting. Even the bus driver couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from and kept checking his dashboard for warning signs.  Turns out it was an older man sitting next to me who had the volume turned WAY up on his cell phone keyboard and was typing away. Pretty funny once we figured it out.


One thought on “Day Forty Three

  1. older man? … OLDER MAN? … well excuse US for living you young whippersnapper. The poor guy was probably just trying to find the “off” switch so he started frantically hitting every key with the hope that the damn thing would shut off. Thanks for the tip though; now I know how to annoy your generation while on mass transit (if I could only turn my phone on and find the keypad volume control). Sigh!

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