Day Forty Five

Pancakes for dinner? Best plan ever.

Last night was the intern trip to Second City a comedy club up in Old Town a little ways north of the loop.  Beforehand Krystle and I met up for dinner – at Elly’s diner (a recommendation from Remy). What appeared to be a somewhat older diner from the outside turned out to be super cute and cozy inside! Absolutely fell in love with the whole feel of the place. Eclectic mix of plates on the walls, fun lighting, crazy mismatched chairs. It was the perfect place to kill time before the show. We shared an apple pancake (think Walker Brothers but less of a sugar high) and each had delicious orange juice to go with it.

From there it was only a short two block walk to the show. Which was absolutely fantastic! I don’t normally consider myself a fan of comedy shows (just depends on what they’re about). This was basically two hours of non-stop laughing. It was at the Second City comedy club. The show itself was titled something like We’re All in This Room Together and made fun of social media/technology and what’s on the news today. It was something that I might not have otherwise decided to go to but because it was an intern event I went and I’m oh so glad I went. Such a fun way to wind down after a workday.

Pretty hilarious stuff and just the way it was done was really neat. Five comedians with huge personalities transitioned from one act to another seamlessly. It was a mix between singing, dancing, stand up comedy and improv all set to music and cool lighting. There were two 1 hour acts and then at the end they added another hour long part so we were there until past 11! Definitely more than worth the late night out. I’d even consider going to another show. We were in one of the smaller theaters in the place – apparently there were 2-3 other stages there with different acts. What we saw wasn’t even the “main stage!”

I did check one thing off my to-do list on the way back – was the last person on the bus! Got home a little past midnight and was more than ready for bed. All of these super long days are going to catch up to me soon – Saturday is sounding like a good day for a nap.


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