Day Forty Eight + Forty Nine

The weekend in review.

Saturday morning I woke up early to walk to meet Remy at the train. We were both headed downtown to meet up with Casey at the Amtrak station. Headed up to the Wrigleyville area for brunch at a place called Julius Meinl. It’s a german restaurant near Remy’s house that we’ve passed frequently but never actually tried. Delicious food! Remy and I split a vegetable sandwich and a sweet crepe. Love having a friend with similar tastes. Casey discovered that it’s the restaurant with the world’s best hot chocolate as well. Lots of catching up and chatting was done. This weekend kind of turned into one giant girls college reunion weekend. Fun times.


The afternoon was spent at the Wicker Park Festival. This was a neighborhood that was on my list of places to visit but I’ve never actually made it down that way. Who knew it was so close and the festival was a perfect excuse to check it out. Chicago in the summer is fantastic. Blocks were lined with vendors, street performers and musicians. Lots of shops opened up their doors and there were tons of people milling about. After we’d grown tired of walking around we headed up to Roscoe Village (another check off my list of things to do) for dinner at restaurant called John’s Place. Best black bean veggie burger ever. Got to sit outside in the shade and that neighborhood has a very quiet family feel which was nice. Headed back to Wrigleyville to meet up with Kristin for drinks at Guthrie’s (the bar with board games). Rounded out the night with a late night run for ice cream which resulted in a 5 minute lecture from a stranger about how much better Hagen Daaz ice cream is for you than anything else. Turns out he worked for them. I told him ice cream is delicious and I don’t discriminate. Really strange encounter.

Sunday morning we woke up early, watched a bit of the Olympics and then headed for breakfast and coffee at a place called Crepes a Latte. The afternoon included lots and lots of beach time. I think we exhausted Casey with all of the walking in the city so it was nice to spend lots of time hanging out and swimming. Lake Michigan has felt surprisingly warm which makes staying in for 20 minutes or so bearable. Felt so good! Cleaned ourselves up and then headed north to Andersonville (another neighborhood I had yet to visit) for dinner and walking around. Ended up going to an Irish Pub with the most delicious portobella mushroom sandwich. So many good vegetarian options around here, I love it.



Good weekend all around although it certainly never fully prepares me for waking up for work on Monday morning. All rested and ready for week eight of my internship – yikes! Busy week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Day Forty Eight + Forty Nine

  1. Watching the summer Olympics here too. Watching them always takes me back to the summer of 1996. You and your sister came to our house and attended “Camp Tamm”. You , Sarah and Eric were so excited to watch them and were always trying to mimic the movements of the athletes. Brings back fond memories.

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