Day Fifty Two

Days at work started to run together and all of a sudden it’s August. That means I have two and a half weeks left officially with Leo. Pretty crazy how fast this summer has gone. Packed weekends, late nights and early mornings have made the whole thing a blur.

I feel like I’m starting to finally fall into a rhythm at work of getting projects, completing them, attending meetings, etc. It has definitely been a huge help to know someone who already worked here – makes for easy connections! At work my biggest project for the past week has been prepping for the 77th anniversary of Leo Burnett. That is going to be celebrated at work on Friday and it’s a huge event which means lots of signage needed to be designed. It is pretty neat to be working on something and see it hanging up in the elevator banks just hours later. I can also definitely tell that my eye for little things that need to be tweaked has gotten tons better. I was going through some of my old design work last night and immediately noticing everything that was wrong with it – which I see as a good thing because it means I’m improving!
Tonight is going to be a late night working on our intern design project. It’s something that is assigned on top of our other work (I’ve mentioned it a few times before) which means that the majority of the time spent on it is outside of work hours. We’re starting to feel the pressure of the deadline so we’re sitting down tonight and hoping to work out a lot of it. Tomorrow night is another late night as all of the interns are going to be staying late to set up for the anniversary party. Then Friday morning will be really early because we have to get here to set up. Crazy crazy. Good thing I figured out what floor they’re hiding the tasty coffee on!
No immediate plans for the weekend yet – I’m still getting over the fact that it’s already Wednesday! With a packed schedule last weekend (college reunion girl time) and a busy week I’m hoping that it involves running, hanging out on the lake and working on some personal design things that I’ve fallen behind on.
But who knows! Everything is always pretty up in the air. The two things I’m learning most this summer are patience and spontaneity.

4 thoughts on “Day Fifty Two

  1. You’re probably into your second or third coffee by now! Sounds like a jam packed week – even by your standards! Best of luck with your projects. xo Frances

  2. Please know it’s in your genes..we all fly by the seat of our pants. You live in a wonderful ever changing world. Have been there – done
    that. It’s on “fast forward” now. You go girl. Just one of your cheerleaders. Love you

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