Day Fifty Five

This morning started even earlier than Saturday. Apparently 6:30 was as long as my body wanted to sleep. Thought I’d get up and head down to the gym on the floor below us for a quick run. Turns out my plans failed because it didn’t even open until 9! Clearly no one else is a morning person around here.

That turned out to be a great thing because I headed out for a run/walk along the lake instead. It was fantastically cool this morning early on which felt great. Even at 7 am the Lakeshore Trail is packed which I think is awesome. I wandered all through the streets around the apartment as well as down along the lake and by the Marina.

Came back for shower, breakfast & coffee before heading to church. I knew that church was only 2 miles away and I had just enough time that if I walked fast enough, I could make it the whole way. Skipping the bus was the best decision ever. So many sweet neighborhoods and things to look at along the way. I decided that I want to move into the house below immediately. All of them were really awesome though – cool front yards with plants, big porches and dogs everywhere. It was thankfully a very shaded walk to church so I didn’t get too overheated.

Aren’t the L tracks neat? I love walking under them.

Church is actually only two blocks away from Wrigley Field. Pretty cool! Stopped to take a picture with the carrot. I ended up walking all the way back from church as well except it was significantly hotter then. I took a different route back though to maximize the number of new streets I saw.

Spent a little time catching up on blogging, reading and emails before Remy and Kristin came back to make dinner.



Made pasta with tomatoes, mozzarella and olive for dinner. Along with corn on the cob, salad and Remy brought over some tomato focaccia. We were all in the mood for a summery dinner. It was originally planned for yesterday but decided to put it off until today because of the crazy storm.





After dinner walk to the lake!


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