Day Fifty Four

Apparently this whole working this has turned me into a morning person – I can’t seem to sleep past 7 even on the weekends. Slightly annoying but also good motivation for heading out on a bike ride! I decided to just start out and see how far I could go north. It was early enough that it was still cool out. I made it all the way up to Edgewater before I ran out of bike path. The Lakefront Trail runs along the lake from Navy pier all the way up to Evanston. It technically continues passed where I stop but that’s the point at which they dump you onto the road and I wasn’t thrilled about that so I decided to head back. Absolutely gorgeous views the entire way – in the picture below that’s Lake Michigan in the distance.


On the way back my back tire was starting to get pretty flat. If you’ve ever biked on a slightly flat tire, you know that it starts to get a lot harder. My legs certainly did not appreciate the extra workout. Stopped along the trail near the Belmont Marina to sit under a tree and relax for a bit. More pretty views!


Came back and took care of some cleaning (the apartment is sparkling now!), made coffee, read for a bit and then headed out to walk around the neighborhood with Kristin. We ended up stopping at Bobtail, the ice cream place down the street, for milkshakes. That counts as lunch, right? Needed to grab it quickly though because I needed to head downtown for work. Some other interns and myself were meeting up to work on one of our projects.


This weekend in Chicago is Lollapalooza. This meant that it was perhaps one of the worst times ever to venture downtown but considering that’s where work is, I didn’t have a choice. At the end of the meeting we all noticed the sky getting eerily black despite the fact that it was 3:30 in the afternoon. I quickly ran to the train station and luckily got on the L without too much trouble before it started pouring and the dark clouds really rolled in. In retrospect, it probably would have been wise to just stay downtown but I didn’t really know how long it was going to last and it didn’t start getting really bad until I was on the train anyway. The picture below was taken by @meganlimjewelry and perfectly depicts what the storm rolling in looked like. Crazy dark clouds and apparently it got up to 75 mph winds in some places around Chicago.

By the time I made it to the Belmont stop (strategically picked an L stop that I knew was covered and had a bus that came up right underneath), it was starting to get lighter out but was still raining cats and dogs. All of the streets were starting to flood on the sides and up onto the sidewalk because it was raining so hard. Hopped on the bus and was able to take that all the way back. It was crazy as we started to get closer to the lake, the sidewalks were more and more covered with water to the point where it looked like waves on an ocean.


Oddly enough, an hour later everything was back to bright and sunny! Kristin and I decided to walk around the neighborhood a bit and found lots of branches down and leaves everywhere.


Decided that it was a good night to stay in and relax. I made vegetable pasta with red pepper & artichoke sauce, mushrooms, soy sausage and goat cheese. Don’t get too impressed though, the red pepper artichoke stuff is actually a spread – I’ve just decided they make tastier (and easier) sauces. Mix and eat. Pretty tasty! Sorry for the out of focus there, Jon.


Post dinner clean up turned out to be quite the adventure. I accidentally dropped the cork trivet that I was using behind the stove (they were stored on top). Having never ventured back behind a stove before, we were slightly uncomfortable with the idea of pulling it away from the wall and trying to fish around behind it. After letting it cool down for a while <– smart thinking, huh? I moved it away slightly and was able to slide the end of a swiffer brush down there to get it out. Turns out the area behind stoves isn’t as scary as we thought. Needless to say, the cork trivets no longer live on top of the stove but are instead safely tucked away.



I’d call Saturday night a success.


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