Day Fifty Three

Friday at work everyone celebrated Leo Burnetts 77th anniversary of being an ad agency. For the past week or so I’ve been helping to finish design all of the signage that was going to be around the building. It’s a huge building! It was cool to see what I was working on produced on large screens and posters though. The theme was 77+ which plays off a rating scale that Leo rates its projects on.

All of the interns are in charge of working the event so we got assigned to different stations. I was helping out with the live painter along with two other people. We met up with him in the morning and helped to get everything organized. That somehow resulted in us sitting around and talking to him about his life and all of the places he had lived or worked. Pretty interesting



There were events on every floor including wine tasting, ice sculptures, interactive boards, a dj and more. Unfortunately I ended up needing to help out with the painting for the entire morning so I didn’t get to see much else.



I did get a chance to go to the ballroom in the hotel next door with the rest of the agency to see the band, eat cake pops and hang out. Pretty fun way to spend a Friday at work. Are these not the cutest cake pops ever? They were delicious by the way.





They closed the office early so after going back to my desk and wrapping up some things I headed out to explore downtown with Krystal and Remy. Lunch at Which Wich and walking down Michigan Ave talking was a great way to start off the weekend!


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