Day Fifty Seven

Some pretty late nights at work lately as my internship comes to a close. We have the intern project presentations next Wednesday so there is the mad scramble to make all of the assets and the presentation for that. Spent some quality time in the conference room tonight working on the presentation and getting things in order. It’s nice to have people around, makes the night go faster. Some of the other nights that I’ve stayed late, I was working alone and that definitely makes it drag on forever. Plus there is a floor with free cereal and milk! Eventually made it home around 9:45 tonight and now it’s almost time for bed before I have to wake up and do it all over again.

Can we just talk about these views here for a second? (the ones below, not my cereal) They’re awesome. Seriously awesome. This is less than a block away from work. I love walking out and seeing all of the lights. It definitely helps working near a large tourist spot because it means that buses are somewhat frequent (except for tonight apparently) and there are always people around (yay safety).

How is tomorrow Wednesday already?!

That means it’s our last lunch and learn (they bring in speakers during lunch on Wednesdays) because next week we’re presenting – yikes! Can’t believe that’s only a week away. Lots of things need to happen before that point. Tomorrow night after another group meeting and work session, I’m going to head over to Millennium Park for some cousin time! Definitely looking forward to that. Thursday night we have an “all intern party” which means that it’s not only for Leo interns but for other design interns in Chicago as well. Not sure exactly what to expect for that.

I have a feeling this next week is really going to fly by. Packed days and nights and my list of things to do in Chicago still has a few items on it!


2 thoughts on “Day Fifty Seven

  1. I’m impressed with your cereal choices – Kashi – good deal. Are they a
    client? Button in hand please- upside down “U” and stylized arrow
    above??????Pictures great – late night Chicago with moon overhead.
    Jon must be impressed. You go girl.

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