Day Sixty Two

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost track of the number of days I’ve been here. Sixty two, today.

Pretty crazy to look back at my blog and see everything that I packed in this summer. I’d like to think that I made the most of it. In fact, I still have some days left and a few remaining things on my to do list.

Let’s play catch up from this past whirlwind week:

This past Wednesday included a trip after work to Millennium Park to meet up with Joel, Jessica, Aaron and Alex. Despite a little rain in the beginning it turned out to be a great night. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures!! I don’t know what I was thinking. It was an orchestra performance that night so the place was packed. Joel and Alex got there early and snagged some prime front row seating in the grass and brought a picnic blanket and dinner. Thanks guys! Fun night catching up and getting absolutely crushed in scrabble. As in, by the end I was going for 7 point words and asking if this was like golf – lowest score wins. Ah well. It was gorgeous downtown with all of the building lights on and just as we were leaving the navy pier fireworks started going off. Also my first time in a car all summer – it felt so weird!!


On the work front its been super busy. With only a week left now I’ve been trying to wrap up project and have been focused on this intern project. There have been very late nights and very packed days involved. I’ve determined this week that when I get stressed, I eat like a little kid. Grapes and goldfish? Yes please. That explains the cheez-it cravings in college. And in case you were wondering, whole wheat goldfish taste funny.


A rainy Thursday afternoon caused an awkward situation after work. I was rushing to get out the door because I saw the bus coming just a block away. Somehow, a few steps in I found myself on the ground. On a street corner in front of a whole lot of people. Lovely, right? This guy rushed towards me, asked if I was okay and then offered me his umbrella. And then he proceeded to tell me how beautiful I was and how he was a talent scout and how i just had to model for his agency. Uhm, thanks buddy but no, I’m just going to pick up my awkwardness and be on my way. I did, in fact, make that bus. And my knee has a lovely bruise to prove this whole thing.


These next two pictures were taken within an hour of each other. Chicago weather has been like rochester lately. Very bipolar. The view from the conference rooms never gets old. It’s the best place to be when a storm rolls through. Friday afternoon I sat in on a meeting about a new app that some guys are launching. They started their presentation out by using Comic Sans and no punctuation. My head almost exploded when I realized the rest of their presentation followed suit. Judgement occurred and I heard little else of what went on. Comic Sans is NOT for presentations.



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