Day Sixty Three (part two)

My goal in life is to be able to walk into a coffeeshop or similar place and have the people know me and my order. I realize that’s kind of a weird goal. But I’m going for the whole neighborhood-y feel here rather than generic Starbucks where they take your order and move on with their lives.

Today, as reminded by Jon, I’m one step closer to my goal. The guy at the Next Door place actually recognized me and asked if I’d have the same thing. Yes! He also went on to tell me that I should branch out and try something new – I told him next time.

This afternoon included a few hours at work – we’re wrapping up our final intern presentation and needed to work on that. I was also able to show Kristin and Rob around Leo for the first time which was fun.

For dinner I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up some food – what will likely be my last or second to last grocery store run in Chicago. Yikes! Got some tasty food to make throughout the week because I knew it would be a busy one. Avocados! And for dinner portobella mushroom with goat cheese, roasted red pepper and artichoke spread and kale on top. Super tasty!

Wrapping up the night with the Olympic’s closing ceremony and then off to bed before my final week of the internship at Leo Burnett. It’s going to be a packed one!

Does anyone else find these USA Olympic outfits to be completely ridiculous? And why is everything wrapped in newspaper?


One thought on “Day Sixty Three (part two)

  1. No orange buttons anywhere. But why not ? Closing ceremony did
    nothing for me. Didn’t watch very long. Busy week for you. Hang loose – you’re on my mind.

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