Day Sixty Three

Friday after work Kristin’s boyfriend Rob is in town for the week and Remy had other plans so I decided to see how much I could pack into a weekend to entertain myself.

A quick stop at Walgreens for a bus pass showed me that midwestern Walgreens are perhaps the classiest places ever. Thought they were just a quick 7-Eleven type shop? Nope. This one had a beer and cheese tasting. How weird.

I made my way back to Lakeview and stopped at Native Foods Cafe for dinner. I’d been to this restaurant downtown with Remy before and absolutely loved it. It’s completely vegan – I get so overwhelmed going to restaurants where I’m actually interested in eating everything on the menu. Stuck with the same thing from last time though – Twister wrap with avocado, lettuce, fake chicken and tomatos (+ other things I forget) and sweet potato fries!



Wandered back home for a bit before getting a text from two interns asking if I wanted to meet up downtown. Figured I might as well so I headed down there and just as I checked into Foursquare, it alerted me that Kristin was less than a mile away. She and Rob were downtown at a comedy club so they came and met up with us afterwards. Fun night, I love being out in the city with all of the lights around.


Saturday morning after breakfast, I headed to Next Door (a coffeeshop closeby) which is where I blogged from yesterday. I absolutely love that place. So many people coming in and out, tasty coffee and a cool space. Caught up with mom & dad before heading downtown to the Art Institute. (Note: I promise to talk more about the crazy things popping up in the pictures soon).

I’ve been wanting to go to the Art Institute for a while now but had never really found the time with so many people coming into town, other plans and work. I figured Saturday afternoon was a perfect time to wander around. There was a Roy Lichtenstein exhibit going on in the modern wing of the museum that I really wanted to see. Plus I just need to put my 7 quarters of art history to good use every once in a while. I was happy to realize that I recognized over half of the artist names and or pieces in there.

The museum was full of tourists and families with small children who seemed less than enthusiastic about looking at art. There was, however, one adorable 4 year old there with his grandpa. The grandpa would look down and ask him what he thought about a particular piece of art and what was happening in it. The little kid would go on to explain “well those are the bad guys and they have weapons and they’re hiding from those good guys over there. and they’re all in a boat.” Seriously cute.


There are always, of course, those who say “I could paint that” to which I say… yeah, but you didn’t.


This museum had seriously cool views as well. This entire side of the building looked out to Millennium Park and the concert shell. The place is HUGE – so much walking around so by the end of 3 hours I was more than ready to sit down. Good thing I found a sweet outdoor patio tucked in the middle of everything. Nice shady spot, umbrellas and fountains. Perfect Saturday afternoon.

After finishing up there, I walked further south to Buckingham Fountain and the gardens surrounding it. I’d yet to get down there this summer so I figured as long as I was close enough I might as well. I also overcame my aversion to taking my own photo in public – pretty easy to do when everyone else is a tourist and taking 400 photos anyway.

Aren’t these gardens and paths cool? Bet you’re all ready to move to Chicago now. Something about walking around the fountain and grounds made me feel like I was in Paris.




One thought on “Day Sixty Three

  1. Gorgeous pictures – great travelog – I want to move to Chicago. Now
    you are just messing with our heads with the small orange buttons that pop up everywhere, or, are Joe & I the only curious people ????

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