Day Sixty Four

Very dreary gray Monday here in Chicago. Dim office lighting, pouring rain all day and dark clouds left little motivation to want to do much other than drink tea and curl up. Fortunately my day was packed with meetings so moving around for those made it much easier to stay awake. With this being my final week at Leo, there are lots of projects and things that I need to wrap up.

Remy suggested meeting up after work for a raincheck cupcake date (we meant to go on one a week or so ago). It’s surprising how even working in the same department a few desks a part our days can be so busy and different that we don’t have any time to catch up. Was nice to sit down and relax for a bit and chat! Plus carrot cake before dinner just sounded like the perfect rainy Monday thing to do.

And in Remy’s words.. “you can put it on your blog!”

We had our dry run of the Intern project presentation today. It went super well! Of course, it was in a room of 15 people instead of 75 but minor details. I think we can finally see the finish line and we’re in a good place. So relieving! We have a few minor things to tweak but other than that we’re all set for the big day on Wednesday. Now onto wrapping up my other projects..

Four day countdown until Friday. Yikes. Thankfully all of our weekend work and late nights last week has put us in an awesome position for this week so I don’t think there will be too many more of those.


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