The Day I Accepted a Job

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter (or even my blog) lately you might have noticed a certain carrot popping up occasionally. I was hesitant at first to share what exactly this was about but as today  is my last day working in Chicago, it’s time to officially spill the beans.

That is to say.. I’m moving!

As of Thursday night, I have officially accepted a full time job as a user experience designer at Carrot Creative in Brooklyn.

For the past ten weeks I’ve worked at Leo Burnett and had the incredible opportunity to wake up in the morning and head to that giant building on Wacker Drive. I’ve learned a ton and met a bunch of new people but what I learned most this summer is where my passion for design lies and that I’m not currently doing what I love. I don’t wake up in the morning itching to come up with the next greatest logo or perfect an icon set.  While I love traditional design, I’m really missing working on web and interactive design. I went to RIT after all.

I interviewed for a company in Brooklyn last May before I even headed out here – and even went back to interview a second time in June. I found myself constantly comparing my experience this summer to everything I knew about the company and realized I wasn’t where I needed or wanted to be. An interview just last Thursday sealed the deal and showed me that this was really what I wanted to do. There was a desperately long (and impatient) wait in there to find out what was happening next. While I’m absolutely in love with the city of Chicago, going to miss it and would move back here in a heartbeat – I’m super pumped about the opportunity to work at a social media agency AND be 3+ hours away from family (even closer for some) AND end this long distance relationship nonsense!  Wins all around, right?

Plus a new city should be good for providing oodles of new blogging material. I’m not going to make a habit of this moving every 70 days though…

It’s going to be a pretty fast turn around time. I have one final weekend in Chicago before my parents are coming on Monday night (my birthday!) to collect me and my things. We’re heading up to Sheboygan Tuesday and Wednesday to visit my grandparents before driving all the way back to Maryland. My one remaining weekend will be spent apartment hunting, the week will include packing, catching up with people I haven’t seen in forever and then finally moving before starting on the 4th. Crazy few weeks ahead!

I could not, however, be more excited for this all to happen!

I’m going to be a Carrot!


3 thoughts on “The Day I Accepted a Job

  1. CONGRATULATIONS > you will make an exceptionally fine “carrot”…………
    even the proper color hair to pull it all together. Hugs

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