Day Seventy

As of today I have lived in Chicago for 70 days. Pretty crazy how fast it’s flown by but I skimmed through old posts and pictures this morning and realized just how much I crammed in there.

Friday was my last day working at Leo. A beautiful one! It was pretty relaxed as I only had one project left to wrap up and some of the other people in the design department and I went to lunch at Macy’s. I had been to Frontera Grill before with my parents when we were in Chicago on vacation but I had no idea they had a lunch spot in the Macy’s just two blocks down. Probably a good thing because I would have gone there every day.


Definitely going to miss this walk home. Tree lined streets and sweet houses. Something tells me that I might be able to find something similar in Brooklyn.


There was an intern party after work on Thursday but nothing on Friday. It seemed pretty anti-climatic to finish a ten week internship and go straight home so to celebrate I wandered around the city for a bit & then took myself out for Froyo at a place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

Later Friday night Remy, Kristin, her boyfriend Rob and I all went to Guthrie’s (our neighborhood bar) for one last game night. Played a particularly long game of Sorry and then acted like 5 year olds building castles out of the Jenga blocks instead of playing the game for real. Definitely going to miss that place!



Saturday was spent packing up things, looking for new apartments, doing laundry and then finally going out to dinner with everyone! We decided to go to the tasty mexican place down the street most well-known for their margarita’s. Followed by a walk all over Lakeview.


Sunday was a relaxed day – spent quite a few hours this morning at the local coffeeshop with Remy catching up, finding MORE apartments on craigslist and eating a free cupcake that they so lovingly provided. Add Next Door to the list of places I’m going to miss. And finally went to Native Foods Cafe, my favorite vegan cafe, for a belated graduation gift that Remy gave me 🙂


Pretty awesome weekend and it’s not even my birthday yet! Tomorrow will include lake time, more coffee shop time, hanging out with Remy and finally my parents are coming!!



2 thoughts on “Day Seventy

  1. Blog has been outstanding. Thank you for sharing your adventures
    in this city. You made it look wonderful. Chamber of Commerce should
    hire you! Thanks. Happy Birthday. Hugs

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