What is UX Design?

I recently accepted the job as a UX designer at Carrot Creative – which you read about [here]. I majored in graphic design and that’s a slightly more recognized and understood title. While UX design is well… not.

So I thought I’d explain for those who don’t know!

How about a look at the position when it was posted online by Carrot?


Key things: wireframes, site maps & user flow. Basically I get to do all of the nifty planning that goes on behind the scenes for websites or apps that YOU might be using!

Very focused on determining what the use of the website is and how people are going to navigate their way through it. I get to help plan how large buttons will need to be, where they are placed and how many clicks you’re going to need to do in order to get somewhere. Don’t worry, for your sake I’ll assume the less clicks the better 🙂 It’s very focused on the end user, hence the title UX, which is “user experience”. Defending the end user who might require larger buttons, bigger typefaces and less confusing homescreens.

Everyone that I’ve talked to said that UX design is not really something you learn in school. It seems to be a path that people fall accidentally in love with. That’s very much the case. Organization, order, story telling and design. For me it was sitting in on a project at Leo and realizing that I understood more what needed to happen with the initial wireframes and HOW someone was going to use a site instead of really caring if something was blue or purple.

My job is to create the frame work for the website – lots of sketches, testing and understanding what can or can’t be done in terms of development. I’m pumped because it’s a job that integrates my (small but ever present) knowledge of development and the coding side of things with my obvious love for design. The final result is a “story” of how the user is going to flow through the site/app/etc.

Make sense? I’m super excited!


2 thoughts on “What is UX Design?

  1. As a “defender of the user”, I guess that makes you some sort of virtual superhero. As such, you need a catchy moniker and outfit. Better get to work on that. Sorry, but “Fred of Green Gables” is already taken.
    On a serious note, you are to be highly commended for your achievement of not just getting a job, but finding one that is such a great match for your interests. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Brooklyn.

  2. Delighted to see this. Not certain I understand. I’ll read it again & again if needed. Many web sites out there that could use help. NOT
    user friendly. You go girl.

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