The Day the Sleepover Ended

This summer has been one gigantic sleepover.

A little over a week after graduation, I moved to Chicago into Kristin’s apartment and took over. Okay, only her couch. And part of her dresser. And closet. And fridge.

For real guys. I slept on the couch for the whole summer. Much to the dismay of people at work.
I, on the other hand, like to think of it as the perfect 10 week post-college experience. I will, however, be purchasing myself a bed upon finding my new home. Like promptly. And might refuse to make it for a month, considering I have literally taken the sheet off every morning and put it back on every night for seventy one days. Seventy-one days. I could get a job at a hotel except you can’t bounce any coins off my haphazard attempt at couch-making. My back, this week has been telling me that perhaps it’s time to invest in something less slanted.
But back to the roommate part.
We’ve gone on numerous walks to the lake, explored Chicago, tried new restaurants, had Sunday night dinners, watched the Olympics, attended neighborhood festivals, gotten ice cream (for lunch!) and more. Not only did she put up with my craziness this summer but we were actually roommates for a year at RIT AND the summer before that. Seriously. She deserves a prize.


It’s been a terrific summer and I can’t thank her enough for sharing her apartment & being someone around to hang out with! Fortunately for Kristin – she has now landed herself a permanent couch spot in Brooklyn (when I locate one) whenever she finds herself in that area.