15 Hour Drive for Dinner

After hanging out with Remy on my birthday, I met up with my parents! Who had driven 15 hours from new jersey to Chicago for a birthday dinner 🙂 and to pick me up!

We walked around a bit and ended up going for a late dinner at mista down the street from my apartment. It was the same place we went after they moved me in ten weeks ago. Rounded out the night with some ice cream at Bobtail ice cream nearby!

Tuesday morning we woke up and met for a walk and some coffee! Saw tons of neat houses that we wanted to move into. And I finally got to take them to Next Door cafe where I had frequently skyped them from.




After a quick lunch at my favorite vegan restaurant in Chicago, native foods cafe, we headed north to Sheboygan to see grandma and grandpa. I tried to take in as much of the farmland as possible after a summer in the city and a move to yet another city coming up!




The two days in Wisconsin were fantastic. They were filled with chatting, walking around the neighborhood, eating grandmas cookies(!), and making (failed) rose hip tea. The second day was filled with a surprise visit from my aunt, uncle and cousin Alex! Had a tasty lunch at the excellent pizza place in Sheboygan and dinner with Mel and Shirley (family friends).






Wasn’t long before it was time to hop back in the car and head 15 hours back east to Maryland.


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