32 Hours at Home

Headed east early Thursday morning to go back to Maryland. I drove for the first time since may. Let’s just say that I’m so glad I’m moving to the city and I probably didn’t make my parents very confident in my driving with my comments every once in a while 🙂 biggest thing was remembering that I was driving!! I’m so used to someone else driving the train or bus now so it was hard to remember that I was in charge of this large moving thing. Two hours into it I seemed to get the hang of it. But passed it off quickly!











Friday was my only day spent at home. We got back late Thursday night and after unpacking the car I quickly passed out. Friday was spent trying to organize my room, packing some more things, buying train tickets, signing job paperwork(!), and hanging out with my high school friends Alison and Megan! Breakfast was the best part of the day – dad and I picked some of their tomatoes! Yum! Hoping there are some left when I get back tomorrow.



Dinner was grilled veggies and salad, super tasty. Then an early bedtime because the alarm was set for 4:40am!



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