Cupcakes & a Swing

Note: These have been a busy few weeks. In an attempt to catch up to where my life actually is we’re going to go speed racer style through this. So expect a lot of posts today.

Anyway. Last Monday I turned 22. It just so happened to also be my last full day in Chicago. Remy decided to kindly take a “summer day”, Leo Burnett’s allotted vacation days, to come hang out with me!

In the morning, I was left to my own devices so rather than eating my usual oatmeal breakfast, I ventured to a nearby cafe and bakery which had tasty almond croissants. I wandered there the long way to enjoy the fact that I was not an early morning commuter and could go wherever I pleased. The walk eventually took me to my favorite coffee shop,Next Door, where I went frequently this summer. Two hours and a coffee later, i had finished a crossword and read the entire paper before it was time to meet up with Remy.




The day involved much walking. As in eight plus miles worth. It was a lot! But a fun way to see the city. You see, my bus pass ran out three days earlier and instead of buying another I just decided to walk wherever I needed to go for my remaining time there. For lunch we went to the local Mexican and margarita place down the street.


After lunch we walked from lake view all the way down towards the bottom of Lincoln park (and back) and the all the way up past Wrigley field to Remys apartment. One key stop along the way was Molly’s cupcakes, a cupcake shop in Chicago that won cupcake wars a while back! Not only did they have cupcakes but they had swings along the bar instead of seats!! Super cool!!! Remy brought candles and everything so it definitely felt like a birthday 🙂



The birthday continues…


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