House Hunters

After a quick twenty five or so hours at home, I booked myself a one way ticket to NYC in hopes of finding myself an apartment. I found out about this job right at the end of my internship in Chicago so the only means of apartment hunting was online and asking people a billion questions about the neighborhoods and where to live. Craigslist became my morning routine – checking for new listings, emailing five to ten people and responding to the few that I got back. There is only so much you can tell from a short sometimes non existent description and blurry cell phone pictures.



It was a pretty train ride north. Thanks mom and dad for the early morning ride! I ended up getting a seat next to an RIT grad from a few years ago so it was fun to have something in common to talk about. What are the chances of that happening?!



I got into the train station at 8:45 and my friend Casey was waiting there for me to whisk my off to my first apartment appointment. Seriously such a lifesaver. She brought me a train pass and everything in advance so all we had to do was sprint to the subway and hop on. Somehow we made it to the apartment 15 minutes before the appointment was set for. No idea how that even happened!


The neighborhood itself was gorgeous. Tree lined streets, brownstones, very clean and lots of plants! I loved it immediately. Met with the apartment owner for 40 minutes to see the apartment and chat. Definitely seemed like an awesome fit for me! She’s vegan and seems to be quite similar to me. The apartment was so nice too! Although she did say that she had other people coming to look at it the following day so she couldn’t tell me a decision until Monday morning. Talk about the summer of learning patience.

I left the apartment feeling like that was the exact place I wanted. Especially when we walked less than half a block down and found prospect park! So nice! Only problem was the two day wait to find out if it was mine. One other apartment viewing fell through and the second was postponed until Sunday so Casey and I had the rest of the day to explore and hang out. We checked out some of the stores and such in the neighborhood before heading back to her place. And bought her a fish!




For dinner we got wraps and took them up to her roof to eat overlooking manhattan and the statue of liberty. Seriously cool. The fish might have joined us on the roof for dinner.




With a 4:40am wake up time, i was more than ready for bed by the time 10pm rolled around.


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