NYC: What I’ve learned

If I’ve learned one thing after a few days in NYC it is that the subway lines are a hot mess on the weekends. Trains pretending to be other ones running different lines, random line changes and end of the line calls way before the map says. I learned that it is horribly I convent for my impatient self to not be able to check the train arrival time due to being underground. Oh Chicago, your above ground system is genius.

I did, however, learn that I love this city.


Everything from the accordion player and the acrobats flipping on the subway lines to the tree lined streets of Brooklyn. Walking five flights of stairs up to eat dinner while staring at the statue of liberty was fantastic. Or how about the fact that I’ve been here two days and already seen a stranger twice. Or had a twenty minute conversation on the train with a lady in Paris. When I asked her the big differences between the US and Paris she informed me that Americans work too hard and we need to learn to balance our lives. Noted.

I’ve learned that you can ask almost anyone for directions and they’ll point you in some direction. Whether or not it’s the right one. They even come back when they realize it was the wrong direction and add an “all the best” before taking off. Thanks strangers.

I’ve also learned to just hop on a train and pray hard that it’s headed in the right direction. If not, few stops down and you can change your mind.

I’ve learned that workers at bed bath and beyond should be paid more than overtime for their stellar assistance during freshman move in. Holy shoppers batman. Clearly not an ideal time to buy a towel unless you enjoy the hustle and bustle of families purchasing everything their freshman son or daughter could ever need. And then shrink wrapping it and loading it onto coach buses. Seriously, if bed bath & beyond was in charge of more things, everything would run a bit smoother.

I’ve learned that Craigslist could be a terrifically efficient way of making friends in a new city. I’ve already met quite a few people on it through the apartment search and have liked them all! Of course, there’re are plenty of weird ads on there to balance it out.

But most of all, I’ve learned that I have terrific family and friends.

The kind that will drive me to the train station after getting up at 4:40 am! After driving the thousands of miles out to chicago and back to pick me and all of my things up. Thanks, mom and dad!

The kind who offer last minute for me to stay on their couch when I spontaneously purchase a one way ticket to NYC. Then they show up at the train station to meet me at some ridiculously early hour on a Saturday with a subway pass in hand and get me to the correct destination 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Even though google maps said that wasn’t possible. And then proceed to hang out with me all weekend while accompanying me to apartment viewings acting as a body guard and walking reference all in one. Thanks, Casey!

And then the kind who lets me stay in their six person apartment – little do they know im going to ask to stay an extra night because I only bought that one way ticket and haven’t gotten the one back yet. Thanks Jon!

I’ve learned that even in this giant city, there are ways to make it feel small. I think I’m going to like it here!


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