First Morning in Brooklyn

Woke up this morning for the first time in my new apartment. There was a fantastically nice breeze coming through the window & an awesome view of trees! And my new herb garden of course.. thanks Aunt Barb!

Realized that I had no coffee for the morning so I ventured down the street in search of some. Really quiet morning out – apparently everyone sleeps in on days off except me! There were quite a few people taking their giant fluffy dogs for a walk and some friendly shop owners.

With all of the leaves on the ground and the breeze it’s almost starting to look like fall!

I did manage to locate some coffee (only 2 blocks away!) at a place called Grumpy’s Cafe and made it in my new clean living room that is complete with a “coffee corner.” How sweet is that?! Fruit bowl, coffee and a window right behind my desk. What more could I need.

It’s been kind of a slow morning between extra time lying in bed, the walk down the street and then enjoying my living room. Eventually I need to get my act together and head to Long Island City to meet Jon for a Labor Day picnic in the park with some of his friends from church.

I need to remember to get ready faster tomorrow because I’m starting my first day of work! Full recap of the weekend & moving process along with pictures of the apartment will be posted later today and tomorrow morning, promise 🙂


4 thoughts on “First Morning in Brooklyn

  1. Looking good. You go girl. Love the yellow sofa and idea of the
    pallet bed. Great looking neighborhood.Jon going over & above the
    call of duty with his under the mattress trip.

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