Moving to Brooklyn

So where were we..

Oh right, I packed up all my things from Chicago, briefly stopped in Wisconsin, drove back home to Maryland, apartment hunted in Brooklyn, found an apartment, packed up all of my things in Maryland and then drove north!

My final week in Maryland looked a lot like this:


[Note: this is relatively clean compared to the disaster that was my room this week – all ready to load up the car. I thought I’d spare you this disaster pictures.]

We did have a midweek dinner date with Pattie & Dave at the NEW Wegman’s in Maryland! I totally felt like I was in Rochester the whole time. Going to miss that place.




Friday night before leaving Dad and I worked on some pallets that will be my bed! I got the idea in my head a while ago from something I found on a blog and loved the thought of repurposing something instead of buying a whole bed frame. A quick trip to the local hardware store got me two pallets (for free!) and then we worked on fixing them up and cutting them to size. By “we” I mean dad.. I was mostly the supervisor 🙂 Let’s just say it would take me years to saw enough boards for a bed.




It didn’t fit in the car on this first trip up – so look out for final pictures later!

The last night in Maryland was rounded out with a trip to the River Hill Village Center  – who knew it was so pretty?! – for a quick froyo run.


Saturday morning started super early with a drive north to Brooklyn! It surprisingly took only 3.5 hours to get up here. We did have one stop at the Maryland House (rest stop) for a cup of coffee. Let’s just say that it will be our first and last time stopping there. Weird place. And you might see this picture below again in the family christmas letter.



Headed straight to the apartment and unpacked – surprisingly it only took 30 minutes or so of walking up and down 2 flights of stairs to get everything inside. We then took the empty car to IKEA (so CLOSE to me! 2 miles away) to get some furniture. Of course, we could not fit all 4 of us in the car + a couch + a mattress + a bookshelf and desk so Mom stayed back to be picked up on round two while we tucked Jon in the back under a mattress (for the record, he volunteered!).







Got most everything built and put together by Saturday night before we had completely exhausted ourselves and headed to New Jersey for the night.




Sunday morning was a slow but good start with a tasty breakfast, trip to the recycling center and home depot (for a fire extinguisher & safety like items) and finally the hour trip back to Brooklyn. Kind of an overcast day all around but luckily it didn’t rain! We spent the afternoon organizing and unpacking things. Dad put together the trashcan which was apparently quite the task. And had dinner at Zita’s a sandwich place just down the street. So super thankful to mom, dad and Jon for all of the heavy lifting, unpacking, moving and reorganizing that happened this weekend 🙂

All of the unpacking started to hit me that this isn’t a 10 week internship or another quarter at RIT. I’m actually staying here. As excited as I am to start a new job in a new city in a new apartment with new transportation it’s super overwhelming. That’s a whole lot of new, right? I’ll figure it out, just like I managed to spend 4 years at RIT in a new city with new roommates and a completely new school. And then again this summer in Chicago with yet another new apartment, new transportation, new job and new time zone! It’ll just take a wee little bit to get in the right groove here.




Headed to bed now before day numero uno. Check back in the morning for an apartment tour!




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