New Apartment – The Tour

I’m almost fully unpacked and ready to go (these pictures were taken last night so there were still some boxes lying about).

The space in the apartment that is mine is the living room (pictured directly below) and a tiny bedroom (6 feet wide – for real). The living room has a YELLOW (!) couch, desk, bookshelf, dresser and coffee corner (seen in one of my previous posts). The windows go directly out to a fire escape so I can have plants and such out there. Or outdoor seating? Currently in love with this yellow couch though.

Remember the 77+ poster from Leo? Fit perfectly with the rest of the feel of the room. Along with my new little plant in that yellow pot and tomato sauce jars 🙂 I’m sure everything will move around a bunch but I like it for now!

Welcome to my closet – I mean.. bedroom 🙂 Below is a shot in my six foot wide cozy bedroom. It’s surprisingly breezy with the one window overlooking the backyard garden. My bed is to the left in the picture and tucked up against that door (that doesn’t need to open). Eventually I’ll have pallets underneath the bed to raise it up a little bit. To the far side by the window I have the herb garden which I love! Along with so much scarf storage and a real sized closet.

There is a bathroom connected to my living room and a tiny little closet over near there as well as a kitchen down the hall. And that’s it!

The neighborhood that I’m in is filled with brownstones, trees, gardens and lots of families. I’m super close to Prospect Park and tons of food places and grocery stores as well. But more on that later – so many things to cover! I’m sure that being in a new city with a new apartment, new neighborhood and new job will give me more than enough to blog about.

This morning is my first day of work! (Good thing I wrote this Monday and scheduled the post – don’t worry, I won’t be late).


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