Labor Day & the 1st Day of Labor

After spending Labor Day morning relaxing and finishing apartment organization, I did make it out to explore the city! Jon’s church was having a labor day picnic at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City so I went along with him. Super awesome park right up along the water overlooking Manhattan. We had quite the classy picnic in the park (which I apparently forgot to take pictures of). Salad, bread and olive oil (Jon brought the entire bottle – which drew some attention).


It’s so nice to find little spots in the city that feel removed from the concrete jungle. Clearly you can still see the large mass of buildings from here but there are trees! and grass! and water!

Monday was a day spent relaxing because the very next day was my first day of work!! After all of my waiting and hoping that something would work out, I finally got to start as a Carrot!

Aside from stepping in a rather large puddle, almost having my skirt blown up by a passing subway train and getting sweaty and disgusting from the trip to work on a hot day (completely undoing the effects of a shower), I made it there with time to spare! It took just 20 minutes including walking from door to door which is awesome. Jumped right in meeting everyone, got my computer all set up and learned about some of the projects that I will be working on. I actually sat in on three meetings and started working on my first assignment too!

By the time I got home last night it was almost 8pm and the idea of cooking dinner was really not on my mind. I’m going to have to start planning ahead because many more nights of carrots, hummus & animal crackers is not going to cut it. Don’t worry Mom, I ate a piece of cheese in there somewhere. Had an interesting conversation with the landlord who I bumped into on the street on my walk home. Turns out he was a graphic designer and designer book jackets. He told me all about being a designer in college, working in the city and said he’d show me his portfolio sometime! He’s also planning on giving me a list of things to do in Brooklyn and places to eat!

After the rather quick dinner I was more than ready to pass out. Kind of left me wondering how people managed to actually go out and do things after work – day one and I was exhausted! I’m guessing that I’ll get used to it with time and will have more energy to venture out. For now, bedtime it is!


One thought on “Labor Day & the 1st Day of Labor

  1. Great update. Found Long Island City & the park, Beautiful pictures.
    Good commute time – won’t always be hot. First day at work you got
    to dive right in. They won’t all be so long !

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